To video creators who aren’t professional editors

Learn how to consistently create high-quality, on-brand videos without editing them yourself.

Imagine never having to do your own video editing.

Being able to let go of that tedious task you feel compelled to complete and finally return to what you want to do.

You could hire a freelance editor or hire a new employee to do your editing.

But the idea of going through all the searching, negotiating, hiring, and training to bring on the right editor, turns into a heavy black cloud of ‘more work’.

Even if you decide to go through all of that, you may find yourself constantly chasing down your editor in an awkward back-and-forth.

Isn’t there a way to get your editing done quickly and consistently without all of this extra work?

I believe so, which is why I created Video Husky.

Husky HD began with just me, Justin, and one talented editor.

I was running Facebook ads for my clients in 2018, and video was becoming more popular.

So I started making videos, but I had no idea what I was doing.

When I added more clients, the demand grew, and I couldn’t keep up because I was spending all of my time editing videos rather than running my agency.

The only way to meet this demand and meet my deadlines was to spend a lot of time and money looking for a trustworthy editor.

And it was nearly impossible to find the right editor because I didn’t know what to look for.
I was stuck with a mountain of videos to edit and no way to get them out.

This is when I devised a video editing system that handles everything video editing-related – quickly and reliably.

My editor was a friend who worked on the videos while I managed the projects and communicated with our clients.

We aimed for simplicity. We would make as many revisions as they required, and we would not limit the number of videos we would make for them in a month. All for a set fee.

All the client had to do was send us the footage and the editing instructions, and we’d handle the rest.

They were successful in turning their video

What we stand for


We believe in being completely honest and open with you… We’ll work hard to ensure your videos are edited efficiently, but we’ll never make promises we can’t keep because we value your trust more than money.


Video is an art form, and great art demands high standards. The standards you establish for each video editing request. We intend to go above and beyond. We may not always get it right the first time, but you can count on us to keep working on it until you’re completely satisfied.


You’re a busy person, so we want this to be as hands-off as possible for you… That is why we take the initiative to ensure that your videos are completed correctly, without you having to look over our shoulders.


Your investment deserves our undivided attention and respect, and that’s exactly what you’ll get at Video Husky. You can count on us to be dependable, helpful, and, most importantly, positive so that you enjoy your time with us!

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