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100% stress free

We’ve helped 812 video creators edit 16,043 videos and counting. Are you next?

Husky HD is the right unlimited video editing platform

If you’re a content creator or business owner, editing video just isn’t the best use of your time. You’ve got better things to do.

But hiring an editor to do it for you is like taking on another employee – and often an expensive one.

There’s never been a simple way to hand over your footage for editing, without a bunch of extra legwork.

Until now…

Husky HD is the done-for-you unlimited
video editing platform

Your personal editing team, comprised of an account manager and an editor, will take over your entire editing workload. And, with your own project dashboard, everything is kept neat and tidy in one secure location for you.

“How limitless is “limitless”?”

There is NO LIMIT to the number of video projects you can submit to us, and we offer a plan that allows you to make as many revisions as you want.

Your editor will work on one video at a time to ensure a quick turnaround and high quality, with no unnecessary back-and-forth.

“Can you help me meet my deadlines?”

With Husky HD, you can maintain your momentum by receiving your first draft within 1-2 business days, depending on the project complexity. Following that, your revisions will be completed in just one day.

Your account manager will oversee the entire workflow, allowing you to meet deadlines while having one less thing to worry about.

You’re just 3 easy steps away from never
having to edit another video

Offload your assets to us

Join Husky HD and send us your footage and editing instructions in minutes.

Get your first draft in 1-2 business days

While we edit your video, you can finally put this time to better use..

Request any revisions, then start your next project!

Share your feedback with your editor. Once you’re happy, we’ll start your next video.

Everything you need to outsource
video editing

Account manager & editor

Hand over your heavy workload and ease the pressure.

First draft in 1-2 days

Depending on the complexity of your videos, we’ll deliver a draft to you within this timeframe.

Unlimited video requests

Release more content, more consistently, with a smoother video creation process.

Project dashboard

Get more clarity by easily overseeing all your projects in one place.

Video proofing tool

Get every video frame right on the money with our tap-and-comment feature.

Slack private channel

Communicate faster with your editing team, never miss a beat!

Check out what we’ve done for other video Creators like you.

We connect with your vision so that your videos always have the look and feel you want.

All of our editors and project managers will learn to recognize your unique style and create videos you’ll be proud of without having to peer over their shoulders.